Welcome to DoodleEnglish!

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Welcome to DoodleEnglish

Nicola and I are delighted to introduce DoodleEnglish. Ever since we developed DoodleMaths, over five years ago, our customers have been asking for an equivalent for literacy. We’d have loved to have dived in sooner, but there was so much to get right with DoodleMaths! And, as you will hopefully see, these things do not materialise overnight – even though we are fortunate to have a talented team of educationalists working with us now, it has still taken almost 18 months to develop.

Some things have been straightforward. The adaptive algorithms we developed to power DoodleMaths (now known as Proxima™) apply well to the principles of punctuation and grammar which constitute a large part of DoodleEnglish. We’ve treated spelling differently – it has its own app, DoodleSpell, which utilises some, but not all, of Proxima™. Your subscription to DoodleEnglish will include access to DoodleSpell.

Although we’ve tested both new apps thoroughly (there’s lots of “guaranteed to be tested on children” jokes in the office right now!) I’m sure there will still be the odd teething problem. Please give us your feedback – it is this that has made DoodleMaths the success it has become.

And finally, we’re not resting on our laurels. Over the last few years we’ve built up a fantastically dedicated team of techies and teachers – experts in AI, curriculum, teaching and learning. We feel we’re only just getting started on our mission to develop EdTech that creates opportunities for all.

Article by Tom Minor

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