Here at DoodleEnglish we’re feeling inspired by the thought of next year’s resolution: being healthier. We believe this can be achieved by sitting and reading, so we’ve got together and listed the top 10 books we’re going to be digging out in 2019 for the children in our lives. The perfect list for all dreaming of giving the gift of a story, spending cosy family reading time together and handing kids a book to get them off their device!


For 4-8 year olds
  • The Book with No Pictures by N.J.Novak: DoodleEnglish verdict:  “never fails to raise a laugh and admitting my only friend is a hippo called Boo-Boo Butt was quite cathartic”
  • The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch: “a classic with a princess and a dragon… and a very clear message! A must read for boys as well as girls.”
  • Little People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Science by Isabel Sanchez Vegara: “….such an engaging way of introducing a history book to children.  Love giving them as presents or reading them to my class.”
  • The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters by Janet & Allan Ahlberg: “It’s awesome! Lots of fiddly letters and surprises to play with as you read, storytelling with kinaesthetic engagement.”
  • Five Minutes’ Peace by Jill Murphy: “Happy memories from childhood, all her books are now on heavy rotation in our house!”


For readers 9+:
  • The Island by Armin Greder: “a picture book for older children with very contemporary themes.  Sitting down and reading this with my Y5 class was really powerful, we talked about some big themes – refugees, human rights and xenophobia. When my child is old enough I’ll be doing the same with them.”
  • His Dark Materials – Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman: “ It was the first book I picked up and read into the early hours of the morning. Then started again as soon as I woke up. Just brilliant.”
  • Demon Dentist by David Walliams: “The noises his writing made me do when I read it aloud, went down very well!”
  • Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien: “I remember reading this as a young teenager. It blew me away.  I did nothing but read for a couple of weeks and saw elves everywhere” “getting out the old classics helps children get familiar with different grammar and patterns of language.”
  • The Princess Bride by William Goldman: “Possibly the best movie of all time, so I picked up the book.  Brilliant. Funny. Like getting the backstory but better.”


And if you have a young one, this one got a whole lot of love from the team.  The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle: “the rhythm of the story just works and I loved watching his little fingers playing with the holes in the pages as the caterpillar ate his way through everything. He’s now eight and still wants it if he’s feeling ill.”

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DoodleEnglish Team

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    Reading to children is worth its weight in gold! We as educators and parents, need to work extra hard at developing a love of reading in children as there are too many distractions out there!

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