The power of the stanza

Spring arrives on March 20th (hello, sunshine and longer days!) and with it comes World Poetry Day on the 21st. In order to celebrate the power of the stanza, we have written a tongue-in-cheek ode to homework!


A Parent’s Ode to Homework


Mum, there’s some homework

at the bottom of my bag.

Please don’t make me do it –

don’t beg and plead and nag!


But son, you have to do it;

your teacher has said so!

Practising your subjects

will help your brain to grow.


But my brain’s already strong,

look, Mum, my head’s so great.

I’ve already been at school today –

more brain ache can surely wait?


Let’s sit down and get it done.

Come on kid, let’s not fight.

We’ll read it together side by side

then it might not take all night!


But Mu-u-um, I don’t want to!

This homework’s really rotten.

I want to be out on my bike

all thoughts of school forgotten.


I get it, kid, I really do!

But you’re going to drive me mad!

Just sit down and get it done –

it cannot be that bad!


But Mum, it’s about grammar

and I really don’t understand

which is an exclamation sentence

and which is a command!


For goodness’ sake, just let me see it!

I don’t get all the fuss.

If you’d started it when we got home

there’d be nothing to discuss.


Mum, you’ve gone so quiet.

Well, what do you think?

It starts with ‘How’ and ends with ‘!’ –

why’ve you gone so pink?


This is just ridiculous! 

So unnecessarily cruel!

We never had to learn this

when I was a kid at school!




Roses are red, violets are blue. We love poetry – you should too!

There are hundreds of poets whose works can be used in the primary curriculum, take a look at our recent post on how poems can be brought to life!


Poem and article by Emma at DoodleEnglish.

Happy Doodling!

Article by:
DoodleEnglish Team

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