Introducing the #DoodleEnglishChallenge

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From Monday 1st July, children can earn an exclusive DoodleEnglish pin badge, a certificate and a wristband by using DoodleEnglish.  

What is the #DoodleEnglishChallenge?

The #DoodleEnglishChallenge aims to provide a fun way to engage children during long holidays from school, motivating them to continue working on their English at a time when lots of children experience holiday learning loss.

By taking part, children can keep on top of what they’ve been learning at school and practice topics they find more difficult. Perhaps most importantly, the challenge is a lot of fun, and children can feel a real sense of pride upon its completion.

How do I take part?

Between Monday 1st July and Sunday 1st September, children need to earn 750 stars and a 14 day streak in DoodleEnglish.  

For more information about taking part and how to claim your reward, please visit the official challenge webpage.

Children are more than welcome to take part in the #DoodleMathsChallenge as well.


Good luck, and Happy Doodling!


Article by Laura Young Santos

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