Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge



How do we take part?

The DoodleEnglish Challenge is taking place from Wednesday 1st April to Thursday 30th April. During this time:

Children need to…

• Earn 400 stars, and

• Achieve a 7-day streak in DoodleEnglish

Parents need to…

• Post twice on social media about the Challenge, using the hashtag #DoodleEnglishChallenge

These posts could be anything from a photo of your Doodler in action to a Tweet about your favourite place to Doodle!


You can start straight away.

Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge


When you’ve completed the challenge, return to this page and complete the entry form. We’ll then post out your certificate and pin-badge to your home (if you have a home user subscription) or your school (if you have a subscription through school). Expect your child to receive their prizes by mid-May.

Complete the entry form – coming soon


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