Hi! We’re Nicola and Tom, the founders of DoodleMaths, and more recently, DoodleEnglish.

Back in 2011, as we watched our children playing on our shiny new tablet, we realised just how much potential there was in using technology to teach. However, as teachers, we were acutely aware of how much content there was online – by 2012 there were already over 20,000 maths apps in the App Store! And to us, that was precisely the problem: as a parent, or teacher trying to create an individual work program for a child, how do you know for sure what they should study next?

That was our eureka moment. We resolved to create not just beautiful, engaging content, but also a means for this content to be navigated, according to each child’s level, strengths and weaknesses. This became our adaptive technology, proprietary only to EZ Education, now protected and known as Proxima™.

We don’t believe technology is there to replace teachers, but we do believe it can truly enhance the level of teaching someone is able to provide. It’s virtually impossible for a teacher to know the exact strengths and weaknesses of every individual student when teaching such a vast curriculum, but our technology can provide the data and the tools to enable them to do just that at the touch of a button.

We’re proud of what we’ve built: there’s a strong body of evidence, including academic studies, but also – more heartwarmingly – individual stories that demonstrate how our programs really work to improve not only ability, but confidence too. Whether you use our products at home or at school, we’d love to hear your feedback and any ideas you have about how we can continue to make our apps the best they can be.

Happy Doodling!


Nicola Chilman and Tom Minor