Parents can create Premium accounts for their children with a free 7 day trial.

The Premium plan costs £4.99/$6.99 per month or £44.99/$69.99 per year (per child). Every Premium subscription comes with a free 7 day trial, and can be cancelled at any point. Children can answer unlimited questions, play all Doodle games and challenges, and access seasonal accessories for their avatar. Parents get full access to the Parent Dashboard, with live tracking, reports and analytics.

All Premium subscriptions also come with full access to DoodleSpell, the sister app to DoodleEnglish that assesses children’s spelling ability and teaches in line with the national curriculum. Find out more here.

Schools and teachers

Schools and teachers can purchase a DoodleSpell only subscription for £2 per child per year, or £79 per class set. A combined DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell subscription costs £4 per child per year, or £149 per class set.